Lokchi Lam

Lokchi is a Toronto-based videographer and editor who creates engaging and articulate videos for a variety of clients, drawing on their experience in many facets of independent filmmaking, as well as their background in Documentary Production at the University of Chicago (MA ‘09). They live in Toronto with their partner, roommates and some cats. When Lokchi is not making films, they moonlights as a piano teacher and is the Technical Director at the Tranzac Club. Lokchi.com




Mishann Lau

Action, adventure and humour are storytelling tools that Mishann Lau explores as she conveys stories that are entertaining,  captivating and fun. Her experience as a writer, director, producer, photographer and sound designer fuels her appreciation of everybody involved in the filmmaking process. Eager to explore, learn and re-learn, Mishann is continually amazed by the magic we can make with film. Mishann.com




Owen Sheppard

Owen Sheppard (BFA Magna cum Laude, Film & Video Production, York University) is an award-winning Toronto-based filmmaker, writer, and visual artist with expertise in independent journalism and participatory media-production trainings. He has eight years of experience in video and print-media trainings in Toronto, Canada and Nairobi, Kenya, where he edited and designed a quarterly journal published in both cities.

Owen currently works as a freelance cinematographer-editor, journalist, and graphic designer. He is a short story writer and is working on a historical fiction novel. OwenSheppard.com