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“Excuse Me” Client: Lenny Graf

“Water Falls” Client: Doug Tielli

“A Dream That I Am” Client: Doug Tielli



“Little Phoenix and the Reign of Fists”

“Little Phoenix and Fists of Fury”

“Shaolin Sisters”


“Flow of the Nile” Client: Egyptian Dance Company

“‘X’ Trailer” Client: Sunny Drake

“‘NO STRINGS (ATTACHED)’ Trailer” Client: Sunny Drake

“McMaster University L.R. Wilson Hall Instructional Videos” Client: Solotech


“SpinTales: Adventures in Bed!”

“Oasis in the City” Client: Six Degrees Health

“Last Class at Sheridan” Client: Sheridan College

“Dig in and Give Back” Client: Sierra Club Canada Foundation

“In Good Company” Client: IBMG Canada

“What I Like About Girls’ Rock Camp” Client: Girls’ Rock Camp Toronto

“Websites for Social Justice” Client: Victoria Barnett

“What is the Tranzac?” Client: Tranzac Club